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Art of the Monologue: Monologues They Haven't Heard Yet by Frank Catalano  A collection of original monologues for acting students, classified by age, gender, and genre. Baltimore's Own Little Italy Artist: The Artwork of Tony DeSales by Rita DeSales French, Perrin Lindol French, Irvin F. Linn Drawings, accompanied by rich historical text, depict the special architecture of neighborhoods, houses, churches, and a variety of institutions, as well as life on the water. Bebop, Swing, and Bella Musica by Bill Dal Cerro and David Anthony Witter A detailed history, including original interviews, chronicling the contributions that Italian Americans have made to jazz. Burden of Wings by Mauro Marinelli Iconic cemetery images captured through a Polaroid lens create a softer effect, juxtaposing the inherent contradictions of the immediate moment: instant and everlasting. Castle of Eufemio: a small Sicilian town and its extraordinary festival by Blaise Tobia Published in association with the America-Italy Society of Philadelphia, this impressive high-quality hardcover features 39 stunning color images with text in both English and Italian. The Forestiere Underground Gardens by Silvio Manno Pictorial of the Forestiere Underground Gardens (National Register of Historic Places), in Fresno, California, created by Sicilian immigrant: Baldassare Forestiere.   The Italian American Immigrant Theatre of New York City by Dr. Emelise Aleandri Photographs, programs, and other memorabilia—generously loaned by families of the theatre community—chronicle theatrical entertainment, the earliest nineteenth-century companies, and those that arose in the twentieth century.    The Spirit of Northern Italy by Marco P. Zecchin The photographic journal of a voyage back to childhood memories and stories locked in the land and buildings of Northern Italy.
Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook by Lee Casazza A family’s story in an easy-to-follow cookbook filled with over four generations of authentic Italian-American recipes, each with a full color photo. Celebrate...Italian Style by Jacqueline Miconi A collection of more than 100 traditional recipes, using readily available ingredients for dishes that are not only easy to create, but also an enjoyable indulgence. Con Amore by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and 37 recipes.   I'm So Hungry, Even You're Startin' to Look Good: An Italian Family's Love Affair with Food by Marjorie Mauriello Baker Three-dozen recipes, passed down through four generations, tell the story—dish-by-dish—of the way food, love and family are bound together in Italian culture. Italian Through Food by Andrea Parisi A self-guided language reader, originally designed as a community college course, that combines the rules of Italian grammar and pronunciation with a menu of traditional Italian foods and food history.   The Jasper's Cookbook by Jasper J. Mirabile, Jr. Celebrating 50 years of Jasper's—Kansas City's legendary restaurant—with a selection of Italian recipes from appetizers to desserts including Italian liqueurs, and family pictures and anecdotes.   1,000 Italian Recipes by Michele Scicolone The best in modern and classic Italian cooking adapted to appeal to today’s home cooks—for authenticity, variety, ease of preparation, and healthiness, while never having to sacrifice flavor. Recipes My Nonna Taught Me by Francena A tribute to Sicilian heritage, written to preserve a grandmother’s recipe and pass them down for future generations.  
The Devils of Rome Made Me Do It by Jackelin J Jarvis A collection of wisdom and life experience that will take the reader through a fascinating journey of Roman culture. Dream of Venice edited by JoAnn Locktov, photography by Charles Christopher A collection of original photographs matched with poems, short stories, and remembrances from prominent names in the arts. Dream of Venice Architecture edited by JoAnn Locktov, photography by Riccardo De Cal The splendor of Venice captured in photographs and essays. My Sicily: Life in the Cusp of the Mediterranean Sea by Francesca V. Mignosa An intimate tour and travel journal of Sicily told through recollections of the native-born author. 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go by Susan Van Allen A guide to attractions that focus on a female association (but not just for women), with behind-the-scenes information that gives the visitor a better understanding of each location's fascinating history. Pit Stops, Pitfalls & Olive Pits by John Tabellione A guide to driving through Italy, from renting a car to navigating the Autostrada, buying gas, and paying tolls, with numerous driving tips and some dining and hotel recommendations. Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps by Kathleen Ann Gonzalez A guidebook to over 90 locations Giacomo Casanova visited in Venice, with the stories of what occurred there.
How to Keep your Faith When All Around You Are Losing Theirs by Carl DiLorenzo A coming-of-age story about a boy growing up in New York City during the 1940s and 50s, and even as he questions his church, he becomes a man growing in faith. Jacob's Story: A Journey of Faith by John Agliata Four months before Jacob Alexander Agliata breathed his first breath through damaged lungs, God’s plan for him starts to unfold. Lord, I Am Not Worthy by Lewis M. Elia The journey of a Roman soldier, stationed in Palestine during the time of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, and the conflicts he faces between his new religion and loyalty to his country. My Cousin the Saint: A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles by Justin Catanoso The story of two cousins – one who immigrates to New Jersey and one who stays in Calabria and is canonized a saint. Sharing Meals Heals: An Italian 'Menu' For Inner Peace by Father William Faiella Short reflections and Italian wisdom helping the reader to respond creatively to life’s problems on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
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