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Abys-Smith, Filomena: A Bit of Myself [Memoir] Agliata, John: Jacob's Story: A Journey of Faith [Inspirational/Religion] Aleandri, Dr. Emelise: The Italian American Immigrant Theatre of New York City [Arts] Aleandri, Dr. Emelise: Little Italy [History] Antonaccio, Thomas E.: Freedom of Heart [Military/War] Archives Antonetti, Franco: I Wouldn’t Die: A Memoir [Memoir] Azzarelli, James: One Way Out [Memoir] Archives Baldassaro, Lawrence: Baseball Italian Style [Sports] Batella, Fausto: Gridiron Gladiators: Italian-Americans in College, Semipro & Pro Football [Sports] Barone, Arturo: The Italian Achievement [History] Barone, Joseph M.: Gina [Fiction] Benevento, Joe: Plumbing in Harlem [Fiction] Bike, William S.: Streets of the Near West Side [History] Bilello, Jack: I Still Love Joni James [Fiction] Bossi, Karl L.: Just Call Me Moose: Growing Up Italian in America [Memoir] Archives Bottagaro, Anthony: The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler [Fiction] Brevetti, Francine: The Fabulous Fior - Over 100 Years in an Italian Kitchen [History] Buccino, Anthony: Rambling Round [Memoir] Burgio, Vince: Pizza, Pasta, and Poker [Memoir] Archives Burgundy, Rosalind: Odyssey of An Etruscan Noblewoman [Historical Fiction] Burgundy, Rosalind: Song of the Flutist [Historical Fiction] Burgundy, Rosalind: Tuscan Intrigue [Fiction] Cacibauda, Joseph L.: After Laughing Comes Crying : Sicilian Immigrants on Louisiana Plantations [Historical Fiction] Caligiuri, Christine: Treasure of My Heart [Culture/Heritage] Calvitto, Celeste: Searching for Italy in America’s Rural Heartland [Culture/Heritage] Carabio Belanger, Nancy; illustrated by Sandra Casali LewAllen: Olivia and the Little Way [Children/Teen] Carbonelli, Ernesto: Fallen Heroes Forgotten Victims [History] Carson, Bernadette: Morning Glory [Fiction] Carusone, Peter S.: Where's the Minestrone? An Italian American Explores Italy [Humor] Casazza, Lee: Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook [Cooking/Food] Castelli Sweeney, Noreen: Francesca’s Song [Culture/Heritage] Catanoso, Justin: My Cousin the Saint; A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles [Inspirational/Religion] Cavallaro, Peter T.: The Wonderful Travels of Drake [Children/Teen] Archives Chido, Jim Talantis: Caddy Daze – A Teen’s Odyssey Across the 1970s [Memoir] Archives Clark, Karla: Between Courses: A Culinary Love Story [Fiction] Colello, Jospeh V.: Outlines of Greatness [History] Archives Comis, Anna and Isabel Comis Degenaars: Casada, A History of an Italian Village and Its People [History] Conway, Lorie: Forgotten Ellis Island [History] Cutro, Ralph: Thompson Street [Culture/Heritage] Archives D'Agostino Mautner, Raeleen: Living la Dolce Vita [Culture/Heritage] D’Angelo, Mono: Powers of Fate [Fiction] Dal Cerro, Bill and David Anthony Witter: Bebop, Swing, and Bella Musica [Arts] DeBona, Rita: The Secret of the Christmas Biscotti [Culture/Heritage] Archives DeFelice, M.D., Stephen L.: Old Italian Neighborhood Values [Culture/Heritage] DeGrazia, Emilio: A Canticle for Bread and Stones [Culture/Heritage] Archives DeGrazia, Emilio: Walking on Air in a Field of Greens [Memoir] Archives Del Bianco, Lou: Out of Rushmore’s Shadow - The Luigi Del Bianco Story [History] DeSales French, Rita; Perrin Lindol French; Irvin F. Linn: Baltimore's Own Little Italy Artist: The Artwork of Tony DeSales [Art] Di Bella Barles, Venera: Marriage, Kidneys, and Other Dark Organs [Memoir] Di Biase, John: Growing Up Italian American [Memoir] Archives DiCello Psy.D., Donna H. and Lorraine Mangione, Ph.D.: Daughters, Dads, and the Path Through Grief [Culture/Heritage] Dintino, Theresa C.: The Strega and the Dreamer [Culture/Heritage] DiSilvio, Rich: The Winds of Time [History] DiLorenzo, Carl: How to Keep Your Faith When All Around You Are Losing Theirs [Inspirational/Religion] Dwyer, Ed.D., Thomas F.: Promises to Keep: The Untold Story of a Family in War-Torn Italy [Military/War] Archives Elia, Lewis M.: Lord, I Am Not Worthy [Inspirational/Religion] Elia, Lewis M.: The Garlic in the Melting Pot [Memoir] Faiella, Father William: Sharing Meals Heals: An Italian 'Menu' of Reflections For Inner Peace [Inspirational/Religion] Farinelli, Jean L.: Jean e Roscoe vanno a Perugia (Jean and Roscoe go to Perugia) [Language] Ferraro, Raphael: Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair [Fiction, Romance, Mystery] Fortezza, Vic: Adjustments [Fiction] Fortezza, Vic: Close to the Edge [Fiction] Fortezza, Vic: Killing [Fiction] Francena: Recipes My Nonna Taught Me [Cooking/Food]] Froio, Salvatore Robert: I Venti Corni: The Twenty Horn [Fiction] Frush, Scott Paul: Ultimate Italian Trivia: A Treasure Trove of Fun and Fascinating Facts [Non-Fiction] Gambino, Thomas: The Scattered Italians [Non-Fiction] Gestri, Donna L.: For Jennie [Fiction] Gestri, Donna: Sweet Figs, Bitter Greens [Fiction] Gestri, Donna: Time Takes No Time [Culture/Heritage] Gillan, Jennifer, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, and Edvige Giunta: Italian American Writers on New Jersey [Culture/Heritage] Gilliland, Jeff and Cino Chegia: Four Dollars and a Dream: The Life and Times of Cino Chegia [Biography] Gonzalez, Kathleen Ann: A Beautiful Woman in Venice [History] Gonzalez, Kathleen Ann: Free Gondola Ride [Culture/Heritage] Gonzalez, Kathleen Ann: Seductive Venice [Travel] Hazen, Marcella: Marcella Says… [Cooking/Food] Archives Iezzi, Vincent: The Garden and Forest Behind Grandpop's House [Children/Teen] Jarvis, Jackelin J: The Devils of Rome Made Me Do It [Travel] Junker, Reynold Joseph Paul: Subway Music [Memoir] AUTHORS K-Z
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