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The Italian American Press helps promote books primarily written by authors of Italian heritage who write about Italian American and Italian culture, heritage, and/or history. Many of these writers publish, distribute, and promote their own books, and they are often overlooked by the media. Reading stories of Italian American culture and history will educate, inform, and entertain people of all nationalities.
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Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair by Raphael Ferraro Mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance in this science fiction tale about an encounter between a human and an alien.
Con Amore  by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and recipes.
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 PHOTO GALLERY Italian Automobile Show at Stony Brook University
An intimate journey through the remarkable Venetian urban landscape, with evocative photographs by the award-winning filmmaker and photographer Riccardo De Cal. Each image is accompanied by an essay from a cadre of notable international architects and architectural writers, who explore the elements that make Venice unique in the world. Dream of Venice Architecture reveals the incredulity of her beauty, from the mysterious sotoporteghi [covered passageways] to the complexity of Carlo Scarpa’s “immaculate detailing.”
The true rag-to-riches story of an Italian fisherman who survived the occupation and bombardment of his home village during World War II, jumped ship to the United States at age 18, and went on to earn his citizenship, become a local business leader, found a successful youth soccer club, and raise a loving family.
Originally designed as an evening class taught at community colleges, this self-guided language book starts with the basics of Italian grammar and pronunciation and pairs it with the traditional foods of Italy and its food history. Twenty units relate the essential foods of Italy to conversational skills, building up to a working vocabulary of 600 words and phrases that can be used to discuss a variety of food-related subjects in Italian. Includes written exercises and unit reviews with online answers and tutorial videos.
During the end of the nineteenth century, Sicilian workers – looking for a better life – traveled to New Orleans after being recruited to work on Louisiana sugar plantations. Based on facts and heavily researched, the lives of Sicilian immigrants are examined as they travel from Sicily to southern America. Volume XVII in a series of books on Sicilian Studies published by Legas.
Based on the life of WWII hero Pino Lella who joined an underground railroad to help Jews escape Italy after his home was bombed and later became a spy for the Italian Resistance. Forced to join the German army, Pino is recruited to be the personal driver for General Hans Leyers, one of Adolf Hitler’s top commanders.
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The incredible story of Luigi Del Bianco, the chief carver of Mount Rushmore, told by his namesake and grandson, Lou Del Bianco. Filled with historic documents and photographs, and family memorabilia, the book chronicles three stories – the carving of Mount Rushmore, the life of Luigi Del Bianco, and Lou’s quest to have his grandfather recognized as the chief carver of Mount Rushmore.
Former United States Diplomat and Ambassador John J. Maresca played a key behind-the-scenes role in the negotiating process that brought about the historical changes ending the Cold War in Europe. This informal and personal story chronicles the evolution of events – lasting from 1970 to the early 1990s – that eased the break-up of the USSR and brought what was called Eastern Europe into harmony with the West.
Author Interview: Andrea Parisi Author Interview: Lee Casazza
Author and photographer, Lee Casazza, has been perfecting Italian-American recipes for over 48 years. Her knowledge of Italian cooking and kitchen experience offers a refreshing new look at North America’s favorite food in one of the most complete and authentic collections of delicious home style Italian-American recipes.