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The Italian American Press helps promote books primarily written by authors of Italian heritage who write about Italian American and Italian culture, heritage, and/or history. Many of these writers publish, distribute, and promote their own books, and they are often overlooked by the media. Reading stories of Italian American culture and history will educate, inform, and entertain people of all nationalities.
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Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair by Raphael Ferraro Mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance in this science fiction tale about an encounter between a human and an alien.
Con Amore  by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and recipes.
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From the Gateway of the Sun – an ancient archaeological stone site in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia – to Cumorah Hill, in upstate New York near Lake Ontario – where Mormon prophet Joseph Smith saw the angel Maroni – this science fiction adventure blends the past, present, and future through ancient religions and future prophecy.
Mulberry Street, NYC; c1900s
Author Interview: Raphael Ferraro Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair
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Stefano and the Christmas Miracles Paul Salsini
Several weeks before Christmas, Stefano and his Nonno share the holiday tradition of placing figurines of the townspeople of Bethlehem around the presepio (nativity). As Stefano unwraps each piece – the pearl seller, the duck girl, the soup peddler, the fence maker, and others – Nonno brings their stories to life through a blend of history and tradition, with lessons of humanity.
Growing up in an Italian family brings memories of joyous holidays, celebrations, and family gatherings. Everyday events – planting a garden, cooking dinner, or spending time with grandparents – become special occasions when Italian traditions are shared. With colorful illustrations and family recipes.
Spaghetti & Meatballs: Growing Up Italian Diana Pishner Walker
Hopping to America Series Diana Pishner Walker
Hopping to America: A Rabbit’s Tale of Immigration
Hopping to America: A Rabbit’s Tale of La Befana
Hopping to America: A Rabbit’s Tale of a Wedding
In the first book of the “Hopping to America” series, the Riepule family in Italy decides to immigrate to America, leaving their “home and friends, but they will not “part with their customs, traditions, and way of life.” The story follows the family as they arrive in America, pass through Ellis Island, and travel to be with family in West Virginia. Includes a Glossary of Italian words.
The Riepule family is “learning American ways, yet keeping their culture of Italy alive in their home and their hearts.” As they prepare for Christmas and wait for La Befana, they welcome a dubious visitor by sharing their traditions and trusting in the joy of the season. A page “Christmas in Italy!” provides a list of “some Italian customs and traditions during the Christmas season.”
Some of the traditions of an Italian wedding – cookies, wine, music, and dance – are prepared and practiced as two families from Italy plan an Italian wedding in America, with a surprising last minute addition. A page of “Italian Wedding Customs & Traditions” is included.