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The Italian American Press helps promote books primarily written by authors of Italian heritage who write about Italian American and Italian culture, heritage, and/or history. Many of these writers publish, distribute, and promote their own books, and they are often overlooked by the media. Reading stories of Italian American culture and history will educate, inform, and entertain people of all nationalities.
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Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair by Raphael Ferraro Mystery, adventure, and a touch of romance in this science fiction tale about an encounter between a human and an alien.
Con Amore  by Janice Therese Mancuso A modern day romance combining a bit of suspense, interwoven with the history of Italy, the foods of each region, maps of Italy, and recipes.
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Featured Books
The incredible story of Luigi Del Bianco, the chief carver of Mount Rushmore, told by his namesake and grandson, Lou Del Bianco. Filled with historic documents and photographs, and family memorabilia, the book chronicles three stories – the carving of Mount Rushmore, the life of Luigi Del Bianco, and Lou’s quest to have his grandfather recognized as the chief carver of Mount Rushmore.
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Featured Books  Celebrating Italian Culture and Italian Heritage
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Author Interview Kathleen Ann González
Free Gondola Ride A look into the lives of the gondoliers of Venice.
Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps  A guidebook of walking tours in Casanova’s Venice. 
A Beautiful Woman in Venice The lives of the women who helped shape Venice.
Featured Authors
Raphael Ferraro
Out of Rushmore’s Shadow - The Luigi Del Bianco Story
Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair
From the Gateway of the Sun – an ancient archaeological stone site in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia – to Cumorah Hill, in upstate New York near Lake Ontario – where Mormon prophet Joseph Smith saw the angel Maroni – this science fiction adventure blends the past, present, and future through ancient religions and future prophecy.
Joseph C. Polacco
Maria Lombardo
Vina: A Brooklyn Memoir
A Camp Without Walls
An Italian “I Remember Mama,” set in Brooklyn in the mid-1900s. In a series of vignettes spanning over 50 years, Joseph Polacco writes about “the abundant roads lit by Mom,” and compares “her passing as the dimming of a light in so many people’s lives.”  The book includes photographs – some of the “old neighborhood;” a guide to all the stops along the West End Line, part of the NY City transit system that ran from Coney Island north to Central Park (and also featured in the car chase scene in The French Connection); and a glossary of words (mostly Italian) commonly used at the time.
The true story of Salvatore Lombardo, who joined the Italian army during World War II, was captured by the Nazis, and imprisoned in a labor camp. Maria Lombardo writes about her father’s survival after his release and the affect his imprisonment had on his life and the lives of subsequent generations of his family.
Mulberry Street, NYC; c1900s