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The Strega and the Dreamer Date published: 2012 Publisher: Create Space ISBN: 9781470008277 Format of book: Soft cover Book dimensions: 9" x 6" Number of pages: 374 Language of book: English Reader categories: Fiction, Culture/Heritage, History, Romance PURCHASE BOOK PURCHASE EBOOK
Theresa C. Dintino
Eva,   an   Italian   Strega,   midwife   and   healer,   is   fully   committed   to   her   small   hilltop   village   in Abruzzi. Her   husband   Marcello   is   a   man   with   a   dream   of   America—a   dream   Eva   does   not   share.   When famine   comes,   Marcello   leaves   his   family   behind   and   travels   to   America   searching   for   a   more prosperous life. During   their   six-year   separation,   Eva   dedicates   herself   to   the   people   of   the   village   with   her   Strega duties   and—although   it   is   taboo   for   a   woman—she   secretly   learns   of   modern   medicine.   When Marcello   calls   for   Eva   to   join   him   in   America,   she   must   choose   between   staying   in   her   beloved Abruzzi   where   she   has   family   and   her   Strega   calling,   or   moving   to   a   new   land   where   midwifery   is considered barbaric and is being systematically eliminated.
Theresa    C.    Dintino    is    an    ancestral    Strega    (Italian    wise woman).    Her    grandparents    immigrated    from    the    Abruzzi region     of     Italy     at     the     turn     of     the     last     century.     Her grandmother    was    a    Strega,    an    herbalist,    midwife,    and healer.   Her   novel,   The   Strega   and   the   Dreamer ,   is   based   on the true story of their immigration to New Hampshire. Theresa   is   also   the   author   of   Ode   to   Minoa    and   Stories They    Told    Me ,    two    novels    exploring    the    life    of    a    snake priestess in Bronze Age Crete.