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Italian-American Fusion Date published: 2011 Publisher: Lulu ISBN: 9781257769117 Format of book: Soft cover Book dimensions: 9" x 6" Number of pages: 161 Language of book: English Reader categories: History, Culture/Heritage, Arts, Sports PURCHASE BOOK PURCHASE EBOOK
Filled   with   interesting   facts,   Italian-American   Fusion   is   about   the   strong   and   beneficial   Italian influence   on   the   character   of   America.   From   “Nation   Building”   to   “Consumer   Goods,”   the   book provides   fascinating   insights   and   delivers   a   positive   message   about   the   Italian   involvement   in shaping this nation. Divided   into   11   chapters,   each   focuses   on   a   specific   topic   and   not   only   introduces   the   men   and women   of   Italian   heritage   who   have   made   great   contributions   in   their   field,   but   also   the   inventions and techniques that help build America. Italian-American   readers   recognize   why   it’s   perfectly   sensible   to   be   a   patriotic   American   and   to simultaneously    be    proud    of    their    Italian    heritage.    For    readers    not    of    Italian    descent,    Italian- American   Fusion   will   give   them   a   better   understanding   and   help   them   develop   an   appreciation   for the   wide   range   of   contributions   that   Italians   and   Italian-Americans   have   made   to   this   great   nation. A website list includes a spectrum of Italian-American information and culture.